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Smile Plastics is a strong link in the chain between manufacturers and processors of plastics, for a wide range of applications. For both bulk and niche grinding, regardless of the volume, we are a complete service provider when it comes to processing plastics and powders. We process polymers and make them suitable for various, often very specific applications. Our powders form the basis of many consumer products and industrial goods worldwide.


Smile Plastics pulverises all polymers and plastic granulates to any desired size, from coarse powders to a microfine powder.

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In addition to grinding, we have integrated systems for further processing of powders. We have in-house systems.

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Smile Plastics mixes and homogenises batches of granulates and powders according to provided specifications. Liquids and dyes can also be added.

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Smile Plastics is also your packaging specialist. We repack granulates and powders, even when there is no need for additional processing.

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