In addition to grinding, we have integrated systems for further processing of powders. We have in-house systems for:

  • inline polishing
  • inline addition of liquid dyes
  • achieving a high level of dedusting
  • combined moulding/drying
  • moulding with inert gas
  • Shredding/coarse grinding (in chunks for example): Smile Plastics not only processes granulates and powders, but also coarse raw materials, in chunks for example. In this case, coarse grinding precedes pulverising. Offering this service means we can also work with larger products, enabling us handle the entire process for our customers, from start to finish.

We can work completely to your specific needs. In our own laboratory we analyse powders and granulates in terms of particle size distribution, dry flow, bulk density and moisture content. We have years of experience with different plastics processing methods and are familiar with many of the final applications for which they are used. We are always happy to provide advice about what is possible. We innovate, develop and brainstorm with the client.